Salt is a dark Harold that explores improvisation beyond comedy. Feel all the feelings that come from lingering in tension and going to the dark side. Some characters get what they want, others have it snatched away. An enjoyable 30-minute romp. Two thumbs up!

The three members of Salt - Cameron, Mara and Will - have twenty years of improv experience between them. They've starred in sold-out Edinburgh Fringe shows, and performed and trained around the world, including at the home of the Harold, the IO Theatre in Chicago. Their other work includes,

Mara, Cameron and Will performing and not looking at each other at all

The team demonstrate good eye contact between players. Copenhagen International Improv Festival, April 2017. Courtesy of R. Harvey.

What festival organisers say

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ "I think cameron brings great joy to a festival. His team was different and so funny. Awkward, dark humour, that I love!"