Cameron Teaches You Great Improv

I've been performing long and shortform improv for ten years and teaching for six. My style of teaching is less talk, more action. I'll get you doing more of the things that make improv easy and less of the things that make improv difficult. I know that fun improv relies on skills that must be practised into habit. The principles I teach are sincerity, reliability and respect.

"The best experience I've had learning improv to date."
"Through these days I have felt seen in a personal way and I feel encouraged, happy and hungry for more!"
"More than technical skills, Cameron teaches us the right attitude to improvise the right way: easy and fun! Nothing is ever a problem!"
"He knows what and how to teach."
"Basic stuff, but so liberating."
"Cameron is a superb and fun teacher."
"It's the perfect balance of having tons of fun while also pushing my boundaries as an improviser."
"Cameron's unique way of performing and teaching improv is incredibly inspiring."
"Through his teachings I have moved further Improv-wise than with any previous teacher."
"He gives attention to all the students."
"He's a good teacher because he's easy to understand."
"His teaching style is calm, clear, and relentlessly positive. He is also an excellent improviser in his own right."
"Cameron's workshop was structured well and the message of the lesson was clearly explained. I learned new improvising methods that are extremely helpful. Overall a highly informative and hugely fun workshop!"
"I was thoroughly inspired and went home with renewed love for improv every time. :)"
"It's really good fun! Great advice for improvisers of all skill levels."