Teaching Cameron’s Stupid, Simple Improv

Sales pitch

You don’t have to be smart, fast or witty to be an effective improviser; you need to pay more attention to what your teammates are doing and less attention to what you are thinking. What they do tells you what to do next, so don’t miss it. Plus, the more time you spend watching them, the less time you spend judging your actions.

You don’t have to be unusually creative to improvise; you need to see what you have already done and do it again and again. Constant new ideas are not needed and do more harm than good. Do less but do it more often.

You’ll practice these two principles to develop habits that make you a reliable improviser, who other improvisers will want to play with.

  1. Be stupid! Stop thinking and pay attention.
  2. Be simple! Do fewer things but do them more often.


Warm-up 2 Hep

This is a fun warm-up not related directly to this workshop’s content. The goal is speed and adding rules faster than players can keep up.

Replication circle

Single word interview

French Fry (Brian Uretta style)

Make a cup of tea

Art critics