© Cameron “I’ll see you in court” Davis 2016

Self-published by Cameron “I’ll just do it myself!” Davis

First Edition 2016

About the author In his early years Cameron was much shorter than he is now and was often correctly mistaken for a much younger version of his older self. Leaving these difficult formative years behind him Cameron graduated from the School of Hard Knocks and attended the University of Hard Knocks where his hard work and good grades went undiscovered by his teachers and himself. Upon graduation Cameron bought a bus pass. In his spare time he took to writing beginning with his application for a bus pass. He eventually went on to write this sentence for which he has still not received a single Pulitzer Prize.

It is Cameron’s hope that the knowledge contained within this book be made freely available for a moderate fee.

Acknowledgements Thank you to my family who were so worried about the vast amounts of time I spent locked in my room on the Internet ostensibly doing research. Without them I would have had some peace and quiet.

Thank you to my publisher, which is me as this book is self-published. Without my support this book never could have happened and most people would have given up reading by now.

To my graphic designer (me again), thank you for your constant encouragement. Without your professional judgement the cover of this book might have been a different colour. I hope your career is long and financially rewarding.

Thank you God for blessing me and smiting our common enemies.

And finally, to you the reader: You’re welcome. XO