Humans fear dying alone, so one might expect they would accept strangers into their lives readily. Surprisingly, this isn’t the case. Strangers and foreigners are often feared by those in the know. This fear is called xenophobia, and the term is applied to those humans who believe everyone should go back to their own country.

Etymology of Xenophobia

From the Greek xenos (strangers) and phobia (towards the house they go).

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, one human had a dream that one day a man would not be judged by the colour of his skin, but by the content of his character and bank account. Unfortunately, this particular human didn’t specify which day that would be, and many humans fear it has already passed. Until a date is confirmed, humans soldier on, hating for superficial reasons.

Some humans complain that it is wrong to hate based on superficial judgements about nationality, race and religion. Instead, they argue that people should hate for meaningful reasons, such as jealousy, unrequited love and supporting the wrong football team.

All previous attempts to end xenophobia have failed. Due to this inability to love each other unconditionally, or destroy each other unconditionally, humans now occupy the rocky middle ground of tolerance. This compromise means that a stranger is free to dwell amongst locals, as long as it doesn’t speak a weird language or support a weird football team.

South African attempts to make xenophobia redundant with segregation failed dismally, paving the way for tolerance.


Humans like to know where everything is, so they have special places to hang their keys, special albums for holding their memories and special cages for storing their enemies. Carrying on this anal-retentive behaviour into the digital world, humans have created the .xxx Internet domain. This domain is for websites that provide pornographical material. With all their pornographs in one place, humans always know where their morality is, or at least where they last saw it.

I know I left that enemy here somewhere.

Like .com and .net, the .xxx extension is a top-level domain on the Internet. It was created because some humans believe that pornographite should be clearly marked. In doing so, children can easily find sexually explicit content, and adults can be protected from it, or vice versa.

Internet pornoographamadelite has become widespread (no pun intended), and is easily accessed for a monthly fee that will appear on your credit card statement as MISCELLANEOUS SIN.

Science has shown that continuous consumption of pornographene can lead to relationship problems and sexual dysfunction. Experts advise that humans restrict their use of pornographamilium to twice a week, with each session lasting no longer than 84 hours.